Wednesday, November 30

READING. How to have a lovely day!


Living in a society often focused solely on the materialistic, where money takes place of everything from morals to happiness, can be pretty exhausting and demoralizing. Yet, it doesn't have to be this way and just because millions of people around you ascribe to consuming away their days doesn't mean you need to join. In fact, opting out can be the perfect recipe for having a lovely day.
Whether you want to escape from the daily grind and embrace another way of seeing your world or you just want a little break from your everyday life, planning a lovely day can be the solution to overcoming your jaded outlook on what is, essentially, a very miraculous life. Here is how to restore a sense of wonder.
Here you have some steps and tips!  

Tuesday, November 29

VIDEO: new sprite advertising campaign

The campaign has nine spots in total, it's an amazing and interesting campaign, full of inspirational words.
This is one of the spots, in English.

Tuesday, November 22

LISTENING: curiosities and ads

Take a look to this original video from Ikea in Belgium and practice your listening skills >> Try to understand the way this new ikea campaign works and what it is about.

Catch the Swedish light

Instead of traditional advertising, they created an interactive campaign around the products. It's an interactive game and people have to watch 48 ads in order to catch the Swedish light. They can win some ikea products.

LISTENING: comprehension activities to practise more (films)

You have to click on the video, watch it and pay attention to it.
Then you can answer the questions and check your answers.

Anyway we go (American English)
a) The parents are moving to Antwerp in ..........................
b) Why is the young man upset?
c) How long had the parents been talking about moving before they finally decided to do it?
d) How far will the parents be from the grandchild?
e) How does the father refer to Antwerp?

Wednesday, November 16

LISTENING: connecting dots

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

This video shows the commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, on June 12, 2005.


Using the help of a dictionary find these meanings: 

Big deal, dots, dropped out, quit, unwed, popped out, relented, naively, 
Figure it out, pretty scary, stumbled, settle, gut, fired, falling out

After watching the video, answer these questions: 
A) What are the three stories Steve Jobs talks about?

B) How do you join the dots of your life?
C) How does Steve got his dots joined?
D) What could be a one – word to describe his life experience?
E) What does “death” meant to Steve Jobs?
- A quote he read when he was 17:
- Some advices he gave on his speech:

GRAMMAR. Simple Present & Present continuous

  1. Grammar explanations Simple vs Continuous
  2. Simple or Continuous??01
  3. Simple or Continuous??02
  4. Simple or Continuous??03
  5. Simple or Continuous??04
  6. Simple or Continuous??05