Sunday, May 25

My CLIL Unit. The weather

After having worked hard on a very interesting course about CLIL methodology, I have created a Unit about weather, meteorology and shipping forecasts to work with my students of the Maritime High Studies (Vocational training).

Although they need to work mainly with shipping forecasts, sea state and winds, as well as meteorological warnings contained in the SMCP (Standard Maritime Communication Phrases) of the IMO, they also have to work with language and grammar to strenghten the basis of their English.

  • As an introduction, they students will receive a contents presentation together with the first class with the introduction terms, as well as a warm up on a wikispace created for this Unit.

  • In order to write properly and establish grammar basis related to the topic, a slideshare with an initial video explaining the differences between WILL and GOING to, explanations and an activity.
  • A videoquiz to practise grammar skills (first conditional) as well as listening skills. This activity will be a task to do individually.

There are many other activities and sources that will be used in the Unit. Some of them are online tools that can be used by students and which are specialised on Maritime English. You will find the best source in the Maritime English here. The students will do the Unit of the weather of this program.

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